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Vintage  Magnum Parts(
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All Parts are Chrome Plated Brass or Stainless Steel S/S. Original Magnum is an original part or period correct reproduction. Pricing is based on per pair P/P unless noted, plus shipping. We also can handle re chroming of your hardware.

Exact reproduction of original steering wheel medallion  Price:$65
Aluminum Steering Wheel Hub  Price: $45 

Steering Wheel not for sale and is just for product placement

  • Exact reproduction of original steering wheel medallion  Price: $65
    Aluminum S/S Steering Wheel Hub and Retainer Plate       Price: $25 

  • PI#01 Original Magnum Hinges  P/P  Price: $300
  • PI#02 Alternative Style Hinges  P/P  Price: $300
  • PI#03 Alternative Stye Hinges for rear hatch  S/S   Price:  P/P $50
  •  PI#04 Original Magnum Anchor Hatch  S/S Price: $350PI#05 Various water dumps  S/S  Price:$25
  • PI#06 Various Fuel Vents  S/S Price: $25
  • PI#07 Chocks  S/S P/P  Price: $30
  • PI#08 Original Magnum round based lifting ring  5/8th & 3/4 Thread 
  • Price: P/P $330     
  • PI#09 Original Magnum rectangle based lifting ring 5/8th & 3/4 Thread 
  • Price: P/P $330    
  • PI#10 Original  New Magnum steering wheel hub kit  Price: $100
  • PI#11  Original Magnum Sport Air Intakes   P/P Price: $425
  •  PI#12 Gas Cap & Racing Floor Viewer  
  • Price: $40 for Gas Cap
  • Price $25 for Viewer 
  • PI#13 Used Magnum Gas Cap  P/P Price: $150
  • PI#14 Various top air scoops P/P Price: $50
  • PI#15 Original Magnum top air scoop P/P  Price: $420
  • PI#16 Original Magnum Tab & Drive control (as shown) Price: $200
  •  PI#17 Original Magnum bronze water pick up as is P/P  Price: $150
  •  PI#18 Original Magnum Aluminum cleats & chocks  Price: $350
  • PI#19 Original Magnum cabin light/shade set  Price: $100
  • PI#20 Used rear deck locking hold downs P/P  Price: $80PI#20a New rear deck locking hold downs P/P  Price: $120

PI#21 Original Lifeline Complete 13 Elements in Total     Price: $450

PI#24 Original Decals  Price: P/P $36

PI#25 Original Decals  Price: $10 Each

PI#26 Original Magnum side lights   Price: $200

PI#27 Custom Replacement Dash and Switch Panels    Call on Pricing

Call on these and other parts in stock. We may know where other parts are available like those below.

101 Original Magnum 3 man racing bolster and race bar

102 Original Magnum Tabs

103 Original Magnum and various throttle and shift controls

104 Limited Magnum small block engine parts

For questions on any additional parts email or call us 
@ 312-607-3115

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